Various beneficial functions found in the minimum unit of collagen

Collagen Tripeptide (CTP), produced during many years of studies by Jellice Co., Ltd. which is a pioneer of gelatin/collagen research and development, is an advanced material with a new functionality not available in conventional collagen products.

The key of many features of new functional component called CTP is its size. It is a minimum unit of collagen composed of 3 amino acids, therefore it can be absorbed promptly in our body and exert superior performance.

The research of functionality of CTP has been continued, and it's expected extending to the field of preventive medicine in addition to cosmetics and healthy food fields.

This website introduces the effect of CTP and its scientific basis with showing some research results.

CTP is absorbed from the digestive tract quickly and effectively
Uptake into tissue organs
CTP is incorporated into the connective tissues (skin, bone, cartilage, etc.) preferentially.
CTP helps skin recover and keep its health by promoting production of hyaruronic acid
CTP helps bone recover and keep its health by promoting synsethis of 'collagen' and 'calcium'
CTP helps Achilles tehdon recover from aging damege or rupture
Knee joint
CTP helps knee joint keep its health and prevent Osteoarthritis by promoting synsethis of 'type II collagen' and 'hyaruronic acid'
Blood vessel
CTP helps blood vessel keep its flexibility and inihibit occurrence/advancement of atherosclerosis
CTP shows high safety in toxicity, antigenicity, and allergenicity tests