What is Collagen Tripeptide?

-Dramatic differences from conventional collagen peptides-

Amazing performance generated by a molecular structure of 3 amino acids

The collagen present in foods is a chain of about 3,000 pieces of amino acids. General collagen supplements consist of a chain of about 30 to 100 pieces of amino acids.
Those 2 types of collagen are too big to be absorbed as they are by our intestines. They are delivered into our body after digestion by gastrointestinal enzymes.

CTP�s minimum unit of collagen consists of 3 amino acids. CTP differs from conventional collagens - it is absorbed by the intestinal tract directly.

Even more surprisingly, CTP has the innovative characteristic of being absorbed by collagen-affiliated organs such as the skin, bones, cartilages, and tendons preferentially.
Moreover, various functions of CTP have been confirmed, such as activation of the body�s ability to produce new collagen and hyaluronic acid, making bones and tendons stronger, and so on.

The following link shows the relationship between the whole amino acid sequence of type I collagen and CTP.